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Wigs and Hairpieces

Taking into account the well-being of every woman who needs alternative hair solutions, NJ Creation has developed a new exclusive concept of wigs and hairpieces that do not require using neither glues nor adhesives, offering thus better safety and comfort in your day-to-day life and ensuring total aherence to your skin.
NJ Creation wigs are discreet and offer various models and colours so that every women can find her own style of well-being.

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Wigs for Women

NJ Creation has over 20 years of "know-how" and innovation with its patents antiglisse and modulocap. We offer a wide range of hair beauty services and products, offering a solution for each necessity promoting a wide variety of wigs, hair integration, extensions, hairpieces and toupees in a variety of colours.

An absolute secure wig application. The application on the epidermis or hair is done by contact with a non-slip and antibacterial material which allows for hair growth. Very thin appearance and texture for an excellent comfort.

Modulocap reduce your cap's depth and size so it can adapt perfectly to the size of your head.

NJ normal use guarantee, 3-month guarantee on your wigs. For good maintenance we advise the use of NJ Cosmetics prepared exclusively for you.

Hairpieces for Women

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Add hair where it's needed. With this line of removable extensions, NJ offers you a practical and economic solution.

The hairs are attached to a resistant net that is placed above your hair. With a hair clip provided by CAP'LINE the highlights are pulled from your hair through the large net holes. Everything is mixed safely. Your hair holds the net. Ideal to give your hair more volume and length or create highlights with having to dye if you pick a colour different from your own.

Bangs and lengths to use with turbans.

Fake disposable eyelashes and eyebrow stickers.

Everything you need for your beauty in Almancil.


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Men Restoration Hair

Reconstruction and restoration of hair for men, duration of 1 to 6 months. Full or partial hair. Made with natural hair only.

Hair for Men

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Hair for Men
Men Hair NJ Creation
Men Hair Restoration
Men Hair Implant
Capillary Hair Implant for Men
Capillary Implant NJ Creation
Capillary Men Implant
Men's Hair NJ Creation
NJ Creation Hair for Men

Wigs and Hairpieces for Men

NJ has different solutions depending on your stage of baldness: wigs, hairpieces, or complete capillaries in human or synthetic hair. Standard or custom-made models.

Men's Wigs and Hairpieces

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Men's Wigs
Men's Hairpieces
Wigs and Hairpieces for Men


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