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Hair Extensions in Almancil – Great Lengths

Change your look with 100% natural hair extensions.
Great Lengths uses the best hair in the world, 100% natural and exclusively from the Indian Remy Temples. We are extremely proud of this well-documented fact that allow our hair sales revenue to go to the schools, hospitals and orphanages in the Indian society.

The hair used has cuticle layers in the same direction and therefore tangle free, assuring than that the extensions act with your own hair, perfectly mixing and giving you a natural look.

Great Length pigmentation and coloring produce an unbeatable quantity of hair. The brushing method by Great Lengths is also technically advanced assuring that the connection is soft but strong without damaging your hair.

Great Lengths gives all the women with no-volume or thin hair the possibility of getting the volume and thickness they desire in a simple as changing shades way. Consider the fact that most people who don't have much hair also have very thin hair, the Great Lengths system offers a variety of thickness natural hair extensions to join to your hair in a sort of invisible way.

Great Lengths give you the opportunity to create the image you've dreamed of. You're going to realize that your new hair behaves exactly like your own hair does, and therefore being able to treat it in a simple and long-lasting way.

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Great Lengths, have the hair you've always dreamed of.


Hair Extensions

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Great Lengths Hair Extensions
Great Lengths Hair Extensions
Great Lengths Hair Extensions
Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Great Lenghts Capillary Care in the Algarve

After two long years of renovated investigation and tests and through basic research and practical experience it was possible to create the renewed line of capillary cares by Great Lengths.

Never has hair become so subject to all types of extreme stress as it is today. Light, air and even water cause damage. They have a precedent effect on our hair, skin and cause early aging.

Nature has given us a solution, we have found the best defense in 2 ingredients from the "Pinot Noir" grapeseed. The patented GSP-T is now the renovated base line of the Great Lengths capillary care in which other naturally active components are added in order to assure healthy and beautiful hair.

Hair Products

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Created form men and women, with short or long hair, and all types of skin and hair color. A complete line of products for your scalp, natural and synthetic hair. Treatment for hair-loss and baldness.

Nanogen Products

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Line of products for face and body skin care. Dry skin, rashes associated with itching and hypersensitivity are frequent consequences associated with the chemo or radiotherapy. Therefore, the quality of life between cancer patients is an ongoing challenge for scientific investigation.

An extensive study at the Evolife Laboratories resulted in the development of a unique formula of a cleaning agent tolerated by all skin types. Ideal for facial and body skin cleansing with safety and comfort. It does not contain perfume or parabens, its consistency avoids any potential skin reaction or irritation.

It is composed of:
• Lithium - substance P reaction
• Manganese - scaring effect
• Iclometicone - emollient effect
• Glycine - anti-itching effect
• Zinc gluconate - effective and smoothing effect
• Copper gluconate - regenerating effect
Advice concerning use:
Daily facial and body use. Can be used as many times as needed during treatment for means of full cleansing.

Evolife Laboratories are French laboratories strictly designed for the research of formulas for the relief and care of cutaneous-melanomas in chemo and radiotherapy patients. These labs received the quality seal "Cancer-Bio- Santé" the first seal emitted in Europe, destined to qualify products and investigations in the secondary effects of cutaneous provoked by chemo and radiotherapy.

Its main asset is termal water the Evaux-les-Bains fountain, rich in lithium and low in limestone.
Studies by the Evolife Laboratory are being validated by the Oseo Anvar plan (National French Agency for Valuation and Investigation) and their results were recognised by the Eureka plan (European Innovation Agency).

Evoskin Products

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Evoskin Face Products
Evoskin Body Products

NJ Cosmetics

Spela 707

Hair-loss protection helps the rebirth, produced by 8 medicinal nutritive and active plants for your scalp. You can start treatments three months after oncology treatments.

NJ Cosmetique

Maintenance and biodegradable care line for fibers and hair with more than 95% natural ingredients.

NJ Cosmetics Products

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NJ Cosmetics Products
NJ Cosmetics
NJ Cosmetics

Revita Lash - Revita Brown

Eyelash and Eyebrow rebirth care 97% of people noticed better appearance of their longer and thicker eyelashes. Clinically tested, hypoallergenic , does not cause irritations.

Eyebrows - Revita Lash - Revita Brown

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Eyebrows Care
Lash extensions
Eyebrows growth

Ellen Wille - Christian

Semi-permanent eyebrow make up, with forms making it easier for outlining, dermatologically tested for the use of oncology patients.

Makeup - Ellen Wille - Christian

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Eyebrow makeup
Eyebrow makeup Ellen Wille Christian