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Acupuncture in Almancil

According to Chinese Medicine the human body needs vital energy in order to stay active/alive. That energy must flow through the body by different canals (meridian) in order to stay in good health. Once that energy is flawed, in excess, or stagnating your "disease" reveals itself.

That energy exists in our body and each organ has its specific amount in production, storage, and distribution through the body.

In a self-assessment questionnaire about signs and symptoms of pulse palpation and tongue observation a Chinese Medicine therapist is able to evaluate the energy imbalances ( excess, flaw or stagnation) and through precise techniques rebalance the body.
Documented over 5,000 years acupuncture is one of those techniques, being the most antique and practiced medicines throughout history.

Acupuncture is a medicinal technique which consists of the colocation of extremely thin needs in specific parts of the body with the objective of improving health conditions.

In Chinese Medicine diseases are energetic imbalances and acupuncture is the main means of reorganizing the energy in order to improve one’s health.

Needle insertion in specific parts of the body (depending on the diagnostic) allows the reestablishment of free flowing of energy through the meridian therefore, allowing the reestablishment of the body's balance and self-healing.
Acupuncture does not cause pain. The needle insertion is done by a professional through the skin and painless. What you feel is a light sensation that varies from person to person which is associated with the individuals' sensibility as well as the effect the needle will have on the treatment.

Scientific studies to test the Acupuncture effectiveness began in 1930, however December 1979 the World Health organisation acknowledges acupuncture as an efficient therapeutic technique for 43 diseases. From that point on, endless studies in hospital and universities in the West have confirmed positive results in over 100 diseases. In Chine Acupuncture is used to treat over 300 diseases having excellent results.

Quantic Therapy

Each organ, cell, element or system ( whether tissues, hormones, viruses, fungus, vitamins, diseases etc.) have a unique and unmistakeable electromagnetic frequency. It is through this unique frequency that the Quantum Therapy (SCIO) evaluates, sending that information through the human body and therefore measuring the response.

Through SCIO we can evaluate the electromagnetic frequency of thousands of elements measuring the level of stress long before there are physical evidences and body damage. SCIO is a therapeutic technology that energetically evaluates and harmonizes stress and body imbalances in order for the body to reduce the number of aggressors which lead to diseases.
SCIO is a device used for the stress detention and rebalance. Stress is the cause for over 65% of diseases and uneasiness that affect humans creating profound effects at a physical, mental and emotional level. Through the Physiologic Electro-Stimulation evaluation of the different surveyed elements, SCIO balances these elements and therefore well-balanced stress.

The biofeedback system, SCIO, detects existing malfunctions in the body, rebalancing your energy alongside the patient in order to control, relieve and balance the occurring situation or condition. This system uses a sophisticated technology that reads the body (sort of as an anti-virus on a computer) providing results in a short amount of time.
That reading and evaluation is done in a holistic way through the different bodies, the most dense (physical), subtle (emotional, mental and spiritual).

The results obtained are analysed by the equipment, providing information on energy levels and identifying other more significant stress factors. After being evaluated this data determines the user’s needs and conditions which prevent the body's auto balance.

The corrections needed are done through the frequency levels delivered making sure that all malfunctions are corrected replacing them with a healthy pattern energetically reducing stress factors.
SCIO transmits over 50 different corrective energies which help the body establish energetic balance for your health and well-being.

Asides being followed and confirmed pathologies it is the bodies most compromising function and therefore revealing possible pathological predispositions. Having access to this information we are able to act in the most intelligent way - prevention.