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Ivecel – Hairdresser in Almancil

Ivecel is hair salon whose headquarters is located in Almancil, Rua Vale Formoso, n. 256 for over 30 years. Our services' quality and prestige is certified by our clients' satisfaction.

Representative of male and female capillary prosthesis, hairpieces of both natural and synthetic hair and even turbans all by NJ Creation Paris. Wide range of reconstruction and hair growth stimulating products , special nail and hair treatments for oncology patients, whom are able to start treatment 3 weeks after chemo and radiotherapy.

Wide range of professionals at your disposal.
Hairdresser Almancil

Hairdresser Services in Almancil

  • Cuts for Women, Men and Children
  • Brushing
  • Mise
  • Highlights, Shades, Colouring
  • Balayages with dye
  • Perm
  • Washing
  • Capillary Diagnosis
  • Ampoule Treatment
  • Capillary Treatment
  • Anti-dandruff Treatment
  • Anti-greasiness Treatment
  • Anti-hair loss Treatment
  • Internal profound restructure of the capillary fiber
  • Hot or cold cautery
  • Capillary Aromatherapy
  • Capillary Chocotherapy
  • SPA for Equilibrium Hair
  • Hair Anti-aging
  • Permanent Hair Straightening
  • Hair Smoothing
  • Coffee peeling and collagen cell repair
  • Midollo Treatment
  • Scalp Hydratation
  • Full Hair Restoration Treatment
  • Tratamento Bioproteina com Queratina Natural
  • Bio-protein Treatment with Natural Keratin
  • Semi di Lino Shine Treatment
  • Nutri Seduction Treatment
  • Wedding and Cerimonial Hairstyles

Ivecel's Team

Hairdresser - Team